Who would have thought that someone who caters to the unconventional, comic book reading, art inspired viewing audience has never made an appearance inside the sacred halls of San Diego’s annual Comic Convention? Tim Burton, a man who has been in the business for a couple of decades is nearly a Comic Con virgin. According to an exclusive interview he gave to MTV, the director will finally make an appearance this year to promote his much anticipated film, 9.

By looking at Burton’s work, you can see an obvious correlation between the comic book and graphic novel world. He even directed and produced a few Batman movies in the eighties and early nineties. According to the director he did make a trip to Comic Con earlier in his life, but it wasn’t a pleasant experience.

“I went when I was a student at CalArts,” he told MTV News. “I’ll never forget this, and it’s probably why I haven’t been back since, because it was so terrifying. They had a slideshow for the original ‘Superman,’ and in the middle of it some fan gets up and just very angrily goes, ‘Superman would not change into his costume on the ledge of a building! You are destroying the mythology of Superman!’ And he got up and walked out, followed by other people. That scared the s–t out of me! So I haven’t been back since then.”

I agree some fans can be a bit over the top when it comes to their favorite characters. I’ve been guilty of that myself, but I’d never go that far! No wonder the younger Burton was severely traumatized. But thank God that time heals all wounds, and he is ready to step back onto Convention soil. Burton is one of the producers for 9, which focuses on “a group of small, Frankenstein-esque clockwork creations as they battle an army of machines that has destroyed the world.” The film is directed by Shane Acker and will make it’s debut in theaters nationwide on September 9.

Die hard comic book fans take note. You can seriously damage Comic Con newbies with your outlandish behavior. We’re all adults here, let’s not interrupt presentations or stomp in our rubber Superman boots when everything doesn’t go your way. There might be a future director in the audience that you may traumatize for life!

Are you excited about Tim Burton’s first appearance at Comic Con?