Willem dafoe

Actor Willem Defoe has been in the news a lot over the past few months due to his role in the controversial film, Antichrist. The movie was shown at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, received heavily mixed reviews, and has kept a steady internet presence ever since. The actor is taking a drastic step in another direction with his next film, which will have him returning to the world of sci-fi, fantasy. According to Variety the actor has signed on to star in the big screen adaptation of John Carter of Mars.

John Carter of Mars is based off of the Edgar Rice Burroughs books of the same name. John Carter is an injured Civil War vet who mysteriously finds himself transported to the planet Mars. The film will be directed by Wall-E helmer Andrew Stanton, and co-stars Taylor Kitsch and Lynn Collins as the leads. Defoe has been cast as the green Martian warrior,Tars Tarkas. In the book series he forms an alliance with Carter and the two of them fight side by side on several occasions. Tarkas is considered somewhat of an outcast with his native people due to his ability to share in human emotions, such as love.

I’ve been following this film since its early stages of development and it looks like it’s headed in the right direction. I think every actor cast so far has what it takes to pull off their character, and can hang around long enough to return for some sequels. The studio plans to use this film as a launching pad for a John Carter film franchise. The first installment will be based off of the book, “A Princess of Mars.”

What do you think about Willem Defoe joining Taylor Kitsch and Lynn Collins for John Carter of Mars?