Not only was Stephen Chow set to direct the movie The Green Hornet but he was going to play the character Kato in the film as well. The film is about a newspaper publisher who turns into a masked superhero (Green Hornet) and fights crime at nights. Chow would have play edthe martial arts expert by the superhero’s side. Kato. First Chow backed out of directing the film, and now he has dropped out of the project all together. According to, Chow has exited the film due to scheduling conflicts.

Here is what the studio had to say about Chow’s exit:

“There was a mutual and amicable decision by both sides to move on…We are out now to cast a new Kato and remain fully committed to Michel Gondry’s exciting vision for the film, which will begin production this September.”

The movie which stars Seth Rogen is set to be released on July 9th of 2010.

Who do you think will play Kato now?