According to /Film, Fox Searchlight is in the process of grabbing Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan starring Natalie Portman. Searchlight also worked with Aronofsky in his film The Wrestler. The Black Swan is about a veteran ballerina (Portman) who finds herself in a competitive showdown with a rival dancer. But wait there’s a twist! Portman’s character is not sure whether her rival is a supernatural apparition or if she is having delusions.

Now that The Black Swan is moving forward, where does that leave Aronofsky’s remake of Robocop?  Robocop was set to be released in 2011 but if production started soon for Black Swan, Aronofsky wouldn’t get to wrap up Robocop unitl mid 2010. Will he be able to do both films in time or will MGM have to look for a new director for Robocop?

We want to hear your opinions on Aronoksky as a director? Which movie are you more anxious about, Black Swan or Robocop?