I knew that HBO’s Entourage had to hold some truth within their outrageous portrayals of Hollywood life. On the show, talent agent Ari Gold is a character portrayed by Jeremy Piven with the arrogance, bravado, and vernacular of a street pimp mixed with a college grad. In the real world how could someone act that way, and still hold Hollywood by it’s balls? According to Gawker, there is a guy out there with such a demeanor and massive success. Ari Gold meet Ari Emanuel, you were made in his image.

Find out more about this emerging force after the jump.

Ari Emanuel is the younger brother of Rahm Emanuel the current Chief of Staff to President Obama’s Administration. He’s a successful talent agent who has decided to take it upon himself to restore Hollywood to its former days of glory. He founded the Endeavor Talent Agency, which merged with powerhouse staple William Morris back in April forming the WME Agency. As if that wasn’t a large enough coup, Emanuel represents a who’s who of entertainers including Martin Scorsese, Mark Wahlberg, and Matt Damon.

With that much clout one might ask, what’s next? Here’s a glimpse into the master plan that Emanuel has in store for the future.

In order to survive, talent firms are going to have to do more. They must stop being simple deal-makers, become “mega-agencies” – vast, multi-faceted companies with marketing departments, events divisions, and new media offshoots which help clients to leverage income from a wide variety of sources.

Agents will also have to take a more pro-active role in the actual creation of films, making them more likely to be called upon to “package” a production: attaching directors, producers, and actors from their own stable to a particular project, before selling it to the studios.

Hmm, this smells like an agency version of the studio system. Even though older film actors complained about the structure of the studio system during the thirties and forties, that was the time when Hollywood was at it’s peak. They didn’t call it the “Golden Age” for nothing.

Ari Emanuel is being called the “Hollywood Jesus” of the industry because of his business savvy and forward thinking. With that dash of sacrilege there is a solid point. The merger of his company with William Morris alone has me in awe. I’d give anything to hear this guy talk in an interview. He has to be a smooth operator with a silver tongue to maneuver around the vipers in this town.

Who do you think is more intimidating Ari Emanuel or Ari Gold?