There is no doubt that the Harry Potter franchise has been very successful at the box office. Even when first Harry Potter was debuted in 2001, it was able to pull in more than $300 million. This year, the latest Harry Potter film Half-Blood Prince is expected to do better.

According to Variety, midnight screenings for the Half Blood Prince reached new heights. That’s right, the wizards beat-out Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and The Dark Knight (the previous record holder) for the top grossing midnight screenings of all time – earning $22.2 million.

The Dark Knight is the second biggest film of all time (right beneath Titanic); it has pulled in $533.3 million so far. The Sorcerer’s Stone has been the biggest grossing film in the Harry Potter franchise, made over $300 million, but no-where near records set by both The Dark Knight or even, the latest Transformers which has made $343.3 million.

The lowest grossing Harry Potter film The Prisoner of Azkaban made over $249 million at the box office, the highest grossing one, Sorcerer’s Stone made $317 million, but they are predicting that latest Harry Potter is expected to top all anything Potter has ever seen before and give other top grossing films a run for their money.

Transformers has gotten an extra boost with IMAX sells; something that Harry Potter won’t get money from for another two weeks because Transformers 2 is still taking up seats. We have still yet to see how that will effect sales, will it encourage people go and see the film twice? Or will it simply drop off by then and hurt their overall profits?

We’re not sure, but with the latest Harry Potter being the highest midnight grossing film of all time, it is on it’s way to surpass the 23rd spot that Sorcerer’s Stone. It is highly doubtful that Harry Potter will break into the top five according to its previous numbers. T0 make it into the Top 5 it will have to gross over $435 million. Although it might make it into the Top 10, it only has to cross Lord of the Rings record which is currently at $377 million.

Will Harry Potter be able to make it to the top 10?