Bruno has been banned in the Ukraine due to its immoral message and images. According to, this is not the first Sacha Baron Cohen movie that has been kept away from Ukraine viewers, his first feature film, the equally outrageous film Borat, was also banned in the ex-Soviet state.

A culture ministry commission concluded that the film included:

“Artistically unjustified exhibition of sexual organs and sexual relations, homosexual acts in a blatantly graphic form, obscene language, sadism, anti-social behavior which could damage the moral upbringing of our citizens.”

It seems the United States and the Great Britain do not share the same opinions as the Ukraine, where conservative views on homosexuality still prevail. The movie opened at the top of the box office for both the U.S. and Britain.

Do you think the Ukraine’s action to ban Bruno was the right thing to do? Do you think Sacha Baron Cohen’s characters are immoral?