When the popular Harry Potter franchise first started, all of the child actors were complete unknowns. Over the years, the world has watched them evolve from cute little kids into seemingly well-adjusted young adults. There is something magical about this trio, they have all avoided crotch shots, pictures of them puking outside of bars, DUIs and the rest of that nonsense. Not only that, but they have all evolved into a talented group of actors who might actually have a chance at a career. With the end of the series quickly approaching, the question is, will they be able to transform from child stars into working adult actors?

Let us see how these stars have developed from tween stars into young adults and if they have a chance at lasting success…

Daniel Radcliffe – Harry Potter


The nice thing about a franchise is that the actors get a chance to really develop their character, and Radcliffe has done just that. He’s shown us that he’s capable of acting and carrying a franchise on his back. The biggest shock came in 2007, when Radcliffe decided to show that he wasn’t afraid to really bare himself, ALL of himself on stage in “Equus.”

He also had roles in smaller but well received films suck as December Boys and the soon to me released The Journey is the Destination. Although he could have had any “safe”, well paid role that he wanted, he went for something risky, which shows that he’s definitely not afraid of taking the leap into any type of role.

Thanks to his status he’ll be able to work with the best of the best, but due to what seems like a real desire to push boundaries, I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot of films from in the future, some which will be great and others which will go unnoticed.

If he plays his cards right he’ll definitely have a career and possibly an Oscar.

Chances of making it: High

Reminds us of former child actors: Josh Brolin, Leonardo DiCaprio

Rupert Grint – Ron Weasley


Rupert Grint is kind of the underdog of the three main characters; he is quirky and a little goofy-looking, but that is what makes him so lovable. Like Daniel Radcliffe, he has done movies outside of the world of Harry Potter, which you probably didn’t hear much about. He seems to have gone down the indie path; Grint starred in Driving Lessons opposite of Laura Linney, Cherrybomb, and soon to be releases Wild Target with Emily Blunt, Rupert Everett and Bill Nighy.

He doesn’t seem like he is banking off of his celebrity status to get high-profile roles and is instead going for smaller projects with great casts. He appears to be paying his dues as an actor and choosing some interesting roles.

He doesn’t have the star power of Radcliffe, but he is interesting and seems to be making smart moves. I bet he sticks around for a while and comes up with some interesting films.

Chances of making it: Likely

Reminds us of former child actors: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ron Howard, Elijah Wood

Emma Watson - Hermoine Granger


Emma Watson has certainly hit the jackpot in movie roles. She literally had no experience prior to her role as Hermoine Granger; but she has transformed from a hard-working little wizard into a hard-working actress.

Watson has lent her voice to the animated film, The Tales of Desperaux, starred in Ballet Shoes, signed a deal with Burberry as the face of their Autumn/Winter campaign, and is sexing it up on magazine covers. It appears she hasn’t gone crazy as she stays out of the tabloids, and is to attend college soon.

Although she has many solid films under her belt, the actress seems to be focused on school. We all know she could take an “acting break” for four years and still be one of the richest and most sought after actresses. Sounds like she’s got it all in the bag.

Chances of Making It: Very Likely

Reminds us of other child actors like: Jennifer Connelly, Kirsten Dunst, Helen Hunt, Natalie Portman, Christina Ricci

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