They’re getting even more desperate! The 60′s TV show, “The Big Valley“, about a ranching family in the San Joaquin Valley during the late 1800′s is going to be turned into a movie. Kate Edelmen Johnson, daughter of the show’s co-creator, Louis F. Edelmen, is producing the film and Daniel Adams has written and will direct the movie. The show featured Barbara Stanwyck, Linda Evans, Richard Long, Nick Barkley, and Lee Majors. The show aired from 1965-1969 on ABC.

Normally, I am against old TV shows being turned into movies; I just think that there are so many different ideas out there and there is no need to rehash old ones. However, I can understand why this one is being made. First of all, the daughter is producing it. Second, very few people have ever heard of this show. It could be the greatest show ever made, and no one would have any clue.

What do you think?

Source: Yahoo!