Surprise, surprise someone else is pissed off at Sacha Baron Cohen for the way that they were portrayed in his film Bruno… why is this news, because it’s a terrorist leader. Or so we think. According to Cohen, apparently terrorists are hard to find!

WND is reporting that the man called a terrorist in the film, Ayman Abu Aita, served in the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades from 2000 until 2003, but was reformed after two years in an Israeli prison for an accusation that he was involved in a shooting. Aita is now offended by Bruno and is saying that he was lied to…

“[Baron Cohen] said this was a film going to help the Palestinian cause,” Aita told WND. “When I heard (four days ago) what this film was about I really didn’t believe it.”

Aita is now thinking about pursuing legal actions against Cohen. Below we get to see a video of Sacha Baron Cohen as…. SACHA BARON COHEN on Letterman talking about his experience with Aita….

Aita, however, says that the interview “took place at a private section of a popular restaurant called Everest in the town of Beit Jala, which is in a section in the West Bank under Israeli control and that he does not carry any weapons and Palestinians are not allowed to bring weapons into Beit Jala.”

He added that “he does not have a bodyguard. The second individual who showed up with him for the interview with Baron Cohen, he said, was Sammy Awad, the American manager of the Holy Land Trust.”

I have to say, this is not the least bit surprising to me. The chances if Cohen sitting down with a REAL active terrorist is impossible, because like he said “they’re hard to find,” and if he could find them, so could someone else. I still think it’s an amazing scene to watch. Given the situation that Cohen was in, the city he was in, and the outfit he was wearing, he still took a huge risk. The point is not that any of this is REAL but that he and more importantly WE believed it might be real and went with it.

It is sad that Aita was duped by Bruno, but he’ll probably win a lawsuit and get a ton of money.

If you’re interested, Cohen does do a quick change and re-appear on the show as Bruno. Check it out below…

It’s interesting to see him change so quickly from one to the other. He’s so incredibly NOT Bruno with his thick accent and demeanor, it’s amazing to see how “on” he can be in a moments notice.