Yeap! After much debate the lovely and talented Natalie Portman has been cast as the female lead in Kenneth Branagh‘s upcoming comic book film Thor. Portman will be joining Chris Hemsworth who has already cast as Thor and Tom Hiddleston who will play the villain of the film, Loki, the god of mischief.

According to THR Portman will be playing the role of Thor’s first love, Jane Foster, who in early comic book lore was a nurse, although it has been said that the character will be “updated for the feature adaptation.” Which probably means she’ll be a sexy, seductive nurse instead of just a regular one.

At the moment rumors are still out that Jessica Biel might be up for a role in the film. At first we thought the two ladies were competing head to head, but now it seems that Biel may be going after the part of Sif, which would mean that there would be room on screen for both of them. And while we’re talking about casting rumors, it is still unclear whether of not Samuel L. Jackson is signed on as Nick Fury or not. We reported a while ago that Variety stated that the deal was done, but he still not listed on IMDB, and we’re still waiting to hear something directly from the man himself.

The film is due May 10, 2011. Although we’ll see if that date sticks, we’re still a long way off.

What do you think about Portman joining the cast?