Not only is The Karate Kid remake still happening, but it’s already begun production. So many people have been against this film since the day it was announced, but it’s too late now. According to Hollywood Outbreak, the remake of the 1984 cult classic is underway and has been officially renamed, The Kung Fu Kid. Luckily, the change in title not only further separates it from the original, but it actually makes a lot more sense in the long run.

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In the Kung Fu Kid Jaden Smith will star as a troubled youth who learns the art of Kung Fu to protect himself against bullies, and to gain self-confidence. His mentor will not be Mr. Miyagi, but Mr. Han who will be played by Jackie Chan (no surprise there). The movie began filming on location in China on Saturday where the cast, crew and even the government made a big deal about it. Will Smith along with Jaden, Chan and director Harald Zwart attended a traditional Chinese ceremony to mark the event. They all participated in the cutting of a red ribbon that covered a film camera, which officially kicked off the shoot.

The Kung Fu Kid is a much better title than The Karate Kid for this film. Don’t taint my childhood with your venomous remakes Hollywood! Since the movie takes place in China it makes sense for Kung Fu to be the art of choice. Karate is of Japanese origin, while Kung Fu is of Chinese, hence the casting of Pat Morita in the original whom was of Japanese decent. I have nothing personal against any of the Smith’s or Jackie Chan, but I don’t want to see this movie at all. Even though they renamed it, the original film’s essence is all over this thing.

How do you feel about The Kung Fu Kid as a remake of The Karate Kid?