We’ve found some early reviews of the film Julie & Julia, starring Meryl Streep and Amy Adams, and collected a some of the highlights that suggest that this is “perfect for a girl’s night out.” Not long ago ScreenCrave saw some clips of the film at ShoWest and stated, “it’s nice to see three great actors working together. The film looks like a lot of fun. Streep (of course) looks amazing in the film as does her supporting cast.”

Debbie Puente from the Examiner got to enjoy a preview of the film and her review hints that even though the story combines two lives that are about a half century apart, it’s a well thought out, easy to watch success.

Check out what she had to say about Julie & Julia:

  • On Meryl Streep’s performance: “Meryl Streep gives a delightful performance playing Julia spot on — incredibly charming, loony (loony fun, not loony nuts), and as the force-of-nature Julia was.”
  • On Amy Adams as Julie Powell: ” You’ll also be rooting for the adorable Julie Powell.”
  • On the food featured in the film: “It’s a foodie movie with lots of mouth-watering food scenes (starring butter!)”
  • On special effects: “There are some amazing special effects as the 5′ 6″ [Streep] appears as tall as the big-boned, 6′ 2″ Julia Child. I’d love to know how they did that.”

Limelife also poster an article about the film, here is what they had to say:

  • On the actress’ gaining weight: “The actresses had to eat a lot of food while filming Julie and Julia. And gasp, they actually ate it! Meryl Streep says she gained 15 pounds while filming the movie. 15 pounds!! And Amy Adams says, “I ate a lot! Cooking is like love – it should be approached with abandon.” We agree and we’re glad the actresses actually indulged!”

So there you have it, Julie & Julia seems to be worth watching. If you want to read Puente’s entire review of the film follow the link: Julie & Julia film review by Debbie Puente.

Check out the trailer below…