Stomp the Yard director Sylvain White has added actor Holt McCallany to his next project, The Losers, an adaptation of the Vertigo comic series. The “Losers” include Jeffrey Dean Morgan (The Losers’ leader), Idris Elba (Roque), Chris Evans (Jensen), Jason Patric (Max – the good guy who goes bad), Óscar Jaenada (Cougar), Columbus Short (Pooch) and of course we need some estrogen in there so we have Zoe Saldana (Aisha).

As if the cast wasn’t enough, this isn’t your typical heroic film where the good guys go against the bad guys, but how the good guys can turn evil for the right reasons. The story goes that a Special Forces team from the CIA are betrayed by their handler Max (Patric), and left for dead following the conclusion of their operation. The Losers then plot for revenge against Max.

It’s unclear how McCallany turns into a bad-buy yet. Perhaps he ends up working for Patric? Who knows?

It’s hard to imagine Patric as the bad guy, he just doesn’t look like one, as much as McCallany who has that strong “bad guy” look down. But nonetheless, the cast is strong and the plot is intriguing, so it’s all in the hands of White to make this thriller work with his “stomping” background.

Matrix producer Joel Silver has also jumped on board with The Losers, and the film is set for release next April.

(source: THR and firstshowing.)

What do you think of the cast?