Comingsoon recently did an interview with Harry Potter director David Yates about his latest film Half-Blood Prince. During the interview they also discussed the two upcoming films for Deathly Hallow, which Yates is currently shooting. There was a big debate over whether or not the movie should be split and if they did split it, how it should be done.

Whether it’s to make money or to honor the series, they’ve split the final book in two and despite what people are thinking, the two aren’t necessarily being shot together. Yates is doing his best to shoot the films in order.

Check out what he had to say below…

CS: How has that been working out? For the seventh movie, are you literally shooting scenes for both halves at the same time or are you shooting one then shooting the other before doing editing on the first?

Yates: We’re trying to finish one and start the other, but simply because of availability of actors, we’re having to shoot a little bit of Part 2 while we’re doing Part 1. I would say we shot about 10% of Part 2 and about 85% of Part 1, so there’s a wee bit of checkerboarding but not much, and it’s going brilliantly. We’ve been shooting for five months. We finish shooting next spring, and it’s quite a long shoot for both movies, but it feels great. It’s looking very different to what we’ve done before and it feels very contemporary and quite edgy, certainly Part 1, and Part 2 I just want it to be epic. I’ve never made a film ever that’s like Part 2. It’s much more of a ride in a sense. It’s got huge set pieces and that’s what I’m really excited to do.

CS: And these are all new sets and locations? Because the first six movies have all been at the same Hogwarts sets just redecorated and dressed differently.

Yates: Yeah, yeah, and this time we’re out on the road and then we come back to Hogwarts, but the difference is we trash it. We blow it up. It turns into Stalingrad, which will be really haunting.

CS: Are you actually going to blow up Leavesden Studios when you’re done there?

Yates: (laughs) I’m not sure they’d be too pleased with us if we did that, but we’ll probably end up blowing up half of Leavesden. I keep saying to the special FX guys (that) these things are going to be big. We have to go out with a bang.

So there you have it! It looks like he’s doing his best to make these two films the best he possibly can. I appreciate that he’s trying to shot in order, it normally makes for a more congruent story-line, although there are always expectations.

What do you think about Yates comments on shooting?