For the past few months, Ridley Scott has been directing an untitled Robin Hood film with Russell Crowe. We’ve seen various set photos of Crowe as Robin Hood, as well as Scott Grimes, and Kevin Durand as a couple of his Merry Men. According to THR more casting has taken place for one of the story’s most pivotal roles, King Richard. X-Men Origins: Wolverine star Danny Huston (William Stryker) has just signed on to play the part in the film.

King Richard is a historical figure who went on to be known as Richard the Lionheart because of his actions during the Third Crusade. Huston will be joining co-stars Cate Blanchett, William Hurt, and Mark Strong in the well known adaptation. Huston will begin shooting Robin Hood once he’s completed his stint on another mythic piece, Clash of the Titans. In Titans the actor stars as Poseidon, god of the sea. Robin Hood is slated for release on May 14, 2010, and is produced by Brian Grazer.

Danny Huston has been keeping himself busy these past few years with back to back projects that span almost every genre. He made his feature film debut back in 1995 with Leaving Las Vegas, and has been steadily working ever since. He’s the younger brother of actress Angelica Huston, the son of John Huston, and the grandson of Walter Huston. I’m sure this guy can pull of any role that’s thrown at him. I’m mostly excited to see him work opposite Crowe and Blanchett. There’s a lot of talent packed into this film, and so far I think everyone has been cast to perfection.

What do you think of John Huston joining the cast of Robin Hood as King Richard?