For all of you who loved Bruno a little too much, it’s time to rock the GayBy T-Shirt. He dressed his baby in one and now it’s time for you to wear one (or if you’re an equally horrible parent, put your own child in one).

We’ll be giving away 5 Gayby T-Shirts to 5 people. Check out how to win below…

It’s easy, all you have to do is leave a comment below filling in the speech bubble for the GayBy below. Our 5 favorite comments will get a prize!


The winners will be announced next Friday, July 17th. And don’t be a wimp! Let’s see some good comments!

You can also check out the funny Bruno GayBy t-shirt at NerdyShirts and buy it for yourself now for only $14.95.

AND REMEMBER that in order to play:

  • You must have a shipping address in the United States
  • You must leave an e-mail address that we can reach you at (we promise not to spam you)
  • If you win, you will have one week to respond to an e-mail that we will send to you. If you do not respond within one week your prize will be given to another contestant.