There have been rumors/news of re-shoots on the set of Joe Johnston‘s The Wolfman for some time now, but nobody knew what or why they were re-shooting. A total of six weeks to be exact. According to Baz Bamigboye, the “Wolfman” was not quite up to par, as “the Wolf was on its heels and it looked daft.” They are reshooting the scenes with the newly beefed up Wolfman. There is news that a new scene compliments the new “Wolfman.” Bamigboye quoted the studio saying…

Last night Universal confirmed that additional sequences were shot. ‘The full articulation of the transformational lead character will be realised when the film is completed and we are excited to share his incredible look with the world in the upcoming trailer. ‘I think that means yes, they screwed up the first time.

The man behind the make-up is Oscar Winner, Rick Baker. It is unknown how much input he had with the new version of the character. The Wolfman stars Benicio Del Toro, Emily Blunt, and Anthony Hopkins as the lead characters.

The character must have been really off for them to re-shoot all those scenes. The re-shoots doesn’t necessarily mean the movie is bad, but it does make me a bit nervous. The lead roles are very good, so there is still hope of a decent movie. We will see how it turns out.

What do you think?