Director Pedro Almodovar‘s upcoming film Broken Embraces has an official trailer, and it’s complete with English subtitles! The film focuses on love, death, identity, and guilt wrapped with beautiful cinematography. In no surprise Penelope Cruz stars as the film’s female lead. You knew she wouldn’t be far behind. Broken Embraces U.S. release date is set for November 20, 2009, but only in limited theaters. I haven’t seen much promotion prior to this, but according to Cinemablend, the following trailer was released by the U.K. film distributor Pathe.

View the trailer for Broken Embraces after the jump.

Yep, this has Almodovar’s signature all over it. I’d heard about Broken Embraces a while a go and I’m happy to see more than just a random clip from it. Foreign films don’t get the best promotion so we’ll keep a look out for any new info about this one.

What do you think of the trailer for Broken Embraces?