Bruno has waited long enough to make his debut on the big screen — the time has come for Sacha Baron Cohen‘s Bruno to take over the box office.

With Transformers going on its third week — the robot-hype is finally settling down, there shouldn’t be too much competition from the film. Ice Age on the other hand is still going strong in theaters and it will definitely be attracting all of those who think that Bruno is too offensive. Yet, odds are that Bruno’s dramatic premiere entrances, outrages photos and even his stunt with Eminem at the MTV Movie Awards, will surely get him a number one spot.

Cohen’s last film Borat ranked at number one on opening weekend, making $26.5 million even though it opened in only 837 theaters in the United States. Bruno will be opening in 2,756 theaters.

The LA Times reports that the studio opened Bruno on Wednesday in Australia, Belgium and New Zealand, and that the film grossed more than Borat in all three countries for a total of $1.6 million.

Another film opening this weekend is Fox‘s low-budget comedy I Love You, Beth Cooper, which hasn’t really sparked that much interest from the boys and girls. Also in theaters is Michael Mann‘s Public Enemies which opened last weekend and debuted at number three.

None of these films stand a chance against Bruno — a film that has been advertised over and over again. So go on and head to the theaters, Bruno opened today and it is one outrages, insulting, and hilarious movie.

Do you think any film stands a chance against Bruno?