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The latest casting rumor surrounding the upcoming live action adaptation of DC Comics Green Lantern is pure insanity. Over at AICN, they’ve posted a story that singer and aspiring actor Justin Timberlake is screen testing for the role of Hal Jordan. Not only is he auditioning for the character, but Warner Bros is taking him into serious consideration for the part! Green Lantern has already had several rumored castings that include Chris Pine, Ryan Gosling, and even Bradley Cooper.

There are a lot of people out there who seem to think that Justin Timberlake has grown in his acting, but I’m not convinced. I’m sorry but I would take Gosling or Pine over Timberlake any day. The few performances of his that I have seen I didn’t think were that great. He was decent in Black Snake Moan, but his performance in Alpha Dog hurt my eyes and ears. Also, would this be one of those situations where the audience could have issues separating the actor from the character? I’m usually good about keeping personal and professional persona’s separate, but in my head I’ll being saying, “Why is Justin Timberlake hanging out with the Green Lantern Corps?”

Everyone seems to be suggesting that Timberlake isn’t a far fetched choice, but I on the other hand respectfully disagree. I understand that the producers want the actor to be young so they can have him around long enough to spawn a franchise, but there are plenty of other talents out there yet to be discovered. Let’s look a little harder shall we?

Do you think Justin Timberlake could play Hal Jordan in Green Lantern? Who do you think should play the lead?