We don’t need the work, if the public only had two Ghostbusters we’d all be fine.

MakingOf.com has just sent over a really interesting interview with writer/director Harold Ramis who talks about how the upcoming Ghostbusters film came back into the picture and how he plans to get the film onto the big screen. It’s refreshing to hear how aware he is of the dangers of doing another film, and the fact that they don’t NEED another film, they’re only making it because fans seem to want it and the cast and crew thinks it would be fun. They also won’t be trying to make the film bigger and better, the best part about Ghostbusters is that it’s not about special effects, it’s about the characters and the story.

Check out what he has to say about Ghostbusters 3 below…

I love how he acknowledge’s why Indiana Jones and the Kingdon of the Krystal Skull was made and how that’s NOT why they’re making a film, but he can see why someone offered $65 million would. It’s always refreshing to hear someone say the truth.

For thos of you who (like me) haven’t heard of MakingOf.com, it’s a new site started by Natalie Portman and Christine Aylward which was made to give movie-lovers an inside look at film-making and filmmakers an open platform to talk about their process and what they do.