The star of the Spider-Man franchise Tobey Maguire will star in Director Jacob Estes‘ upcoming indie black comedy film titled The Details.

According to Variety, Maguire will join Elizabeth Banks as a married couple whose troubled marriage becomes even more complicated when trying to solve a ravenous raccoons problem in their back yard. The couple disagree on how the situation should be handled, which sets of a chain of mishaps which include a murder by bow and arrow. We have no details as to who gets murdered, but it sound like an interesting idea!

Estes has stated:

Maguire’s character is an everyman in the sense that he is composed of a morally ambiguous core. He has good intentions, but he makes a lot of self-destructive mistakes.

Yeah, normally killing someone with a bow and arrow is never a good idea.

Maguire’s role in The Details previously belonged to James McAvoy, but was knocked out of the project due to scheduling problems. Ray Liotta, Dennis Haysbert, Anna Friel and Laura Linney are also signed on to play parts in the film.

Shooting for the film will start in August in Seattle, before Maguire begins shooting for Sam Raimi‘s Spider-Man 4, which will start in early 2010. Maguire will also be starring in the Jim Sheridan-directed Brothers.

It seems like Maguire will have hands full from now until the middle of next year. It’s neat to see him in more than a red and blue tight jump suit for once.

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