This is one of those casting cases where I have to ask, where’s the logic? Michel Gondry‘s Green Hornet adaptation has already been through the ringer within the last year, and now I’m hearing the most disturbing information. According to Entertainment Weekly Cameron Diaz is up for a role as the female lead in the film opposite Seth Rogen. Doesn’t that seem odd? I think so.

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Apparently Diaz is in the early negotiation stages of her deal, so her agency won’t confirm the talks.  I don’t know who she would play or why she would attempt to be a part of this. The Green Hornet has been surrounded by drama ever since it’s development was announced. The film’s script is written by Seth Rogen and his writing partner Evan Goldberg, and previously had Stephen Chow attached to direct. Chow’s directorial position eventually fell through due to the illusive “creative differences,” hence the hiring of Michel Gondry. Chow is still set to play the role of Kato, the character that made Bruce Lee a household name.

I haven’t heard much about the story for this film, but I do know that it’s set for release next summer, June 9 to be exact. Everyone keeps saying that production will begin shortly, but a definite start date hasn’t been given. What’s really going on? Why is Cameron Diaz even circling this project? I don’t want to see her and Rogen going at it.

What do you think about Cameron Diaz as a possible female lead in The Green Hornet?