Leonardo DiCaprio and Ridley Scott are serving as producers to the dark thriller The Low Dweller, a film that until today didn’t have a director, but after many negotiations one has been found– Rupert Sanders, an up-and-coming film director with a commercial background.

According to Empire, not much can be said about Sanders, except that he directed the X-Men Origins: Wolverine promo video, which eventually lead DiCaprio and Scott to seek him out. Both DiCaprio’s Appian Way and Scott’s Free Prods. are producing the film for Relativity Media, who bought the script from the writer Brad Ingelsby, for a seven-figure sum.

The Low Dweller doesn’t have a cast yet, but the story revolves around an ex-con who is haunted by a mysterious figure from his past. The big question is will DiCaprio star? I really hope so because DiCaprio seldom picks a bad movie, and him starring just makes the film even more anticipated.

What do you think of Sanders directing The Low Dweller? Do You want DiCaprio to star?