What do you do after your comedy movie grosses $204 million in five weeks? If you are Zach Galifianakis you take your time weighing your options for your next feature film. Unlike co-star Bradley Cooper who signed on for a role in Fox’s reboot of The A-Team right after The Hangover was released, Galifianakis has not committed to any film as of yet.

But he does have three options that he has been linked to. The 39-year-old comedian who has had a number of Comedy Central specials that raised his profile, is connected to the Todd Phillips‘ pregnancy-themed comedy Due Date; the comedy Say Uncle; and another Phillips’ project, the supernatural laffer Man-Witch.

Which will he choose? Will he stick to the formula which made him popular by playing a slacker who takes a road trip with an uptight businessman in Due Date? Gee, he will definitely be broadening his acting skills playing a slacker going on a road trip in his next film. Or will he try to test his acting chops a little more and try something a little more demanding?

Whatever the case, he will be working with Phillips again in the near future, even if he decides to not do any of the three films he is connected to. Phillips is on board to do Hangover 2, as is Galifianakis. Who knows, maybe Galifianakis will just ride the train until The Hangover 10.

What role do you think Galifianakis would play well? Do you think he could pull off a drama movie with no comedy?