The TV series which lasted ten years and jump started the acting careers for David Hasselhoff, Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra (Ok, so they aren’t the best actors, they are still very entertaining) might now be made into a movie. Yes, I am talking about Baywatch. Everyone who grew up in the 90′s should know the show. It is where slow-motion running on the sand was made. It is the show that made it cool to be a lifeguard.

Rumors of a film have been around for years (Jessica Simpson was supposed to star in the film version of the show), and now, we have a new rumor! The newest one is that Jeremy Garelick, who co-wrote The Break Up with Jennifer Aniston and helped Todd Phillips rewrite The Hangover, has been tapped to rewrite and direct a film version of Baywatch. In the Jay Sherick and David Ronn version, written in 2005, there was too action in movie and studios wanted more comedy.

According to Variety, “The script now focuses on two unlikely lifeguard candidates trying to catch on alongside the buff bodies that will be as abundant in the film as they were in the TV series.” No word yet if any of the original lifeguards will be in the movie. In fact, there is no word on casting as of yet. It will be nice to see Hasselhoff in uniform again, even if it is just behind a desk.

How do you feel about Baywatch being turned into a movie?