It’s here– the red band trailer for Karyn Kusama‘s teen horror film Jennifer’s Body, written by the one and only Diablo Cody. According to Slashfilm, the trailer was suppose to wait until July 10th, where it would debut during the opening previews of Bruno, but 20th Century Fox decided to treat us, and just released the red band trailer, calling it a “filmmaker’s cut” which they think “captures the comedy and scares of the horror films we grew up on.” Personally, I don’t remember growing up watching a hot girl feed off boys, but this is for sure, the trailer is something else.

Take a look after the jump . . .

Time for some real chick power! That Diablo Cody is really something. We got some great lines in here already.

Who would have thought that Megan Fox could be so scary? From the trailer, I get that the film is set up to be pretty gory, which is why Fox will most likely be covered in blood like 98 percent of the time. It feels like this teenage, violent-driven film is more than we expected and that’s always good, especially when horror is mixed with comedy, and we know Cody has it in her.

What do you think of the trailer?