John Woo‘s next film titled Flying Tiger Heroes has been confirmed after it was announced in a press conference in China. The film is happens to be the most expensive Chinese production so far costing 100 million pounds, with half of those funds supposedly coming from the US, although it is still not clear as to who the American backers are.

Flying Tiger Heroes is based on the Flying Tigers, an American Volunteer Group that flew missions against the Japanese in World War II. The Flying Tigers flew inside an aircraft that looked like the one above and apparently destroyed 300 enemy air-crafts, for which only 14 causalities were reported. The film will mix Hollywood and Chinese stars together, but we have no clue exactly who is being considered for any of the roles.

Here’s more from the director:

This is an extremely important production. Currently, basic preparations for shooting work have already been made and in a month we’ll confirm the script. This Yunnan-themed film emphasizes China-US friendship and the contributions of the Flying Tigers and the people of Yunnan during the War of Resistance.

The title of the film is set to change, but with only 14 casualties, the film title should be changed from heroes to superheroes, in the truest sense of the word.

What do you think? Ready for a the Flying Tigers?