SNL‘s Jason Sudeikis has decided to take on two films this summer. Already in the works is Bounty Hunter, an action-comedy film starring Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler– interesting, I wonder what that will produce with funny man Sudeikis in the mix. And now, the 33 year-old is signed to appear in Nanette Burstein’s comedy Going The Distance, starring Drew Barrymore and Justin Long, alongside Christina Applegate and Charlie Day.

In Going The Distance, Sudeikis’ will play Long’s best friend Box, who apparently advises him to end the long-distance relationship he has with Barrymore.

Bounty Hunter is set to come out next year, and Going The Distance is set for 2011. However, it seems like both films will be worth the wait because both casts are fairly strong– with Sudeikis partnered up with Long and Barrymore, who knows what will happen.

Do you think Sudeikis will be able to pull through and shine next to these big-name actors?