If you thought the Indiana Jones sequel rumors would die get over it because it’s not going to happen. In the past few weeks the internet has been buzzing with news that a fifth installment of the adventure franchise is on it’s way. First, co-star Shia Labeouf stated that super producer Steven Spielberg has “cracked a story” for the follow up to last year’s Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.  Now, a source is claiming that Indiana Jones himself is prepping to kick some more archaeological ass!

According to The Insider, Harrison Ford is set to return for another round of action as his alter ego Indiana Jones. Even though the actor is almost 67 they’re saying he “has kept himself in good shape and could still do a lot of the stunts in the last film.” They expect the next Jones movie to start filming in 2011, which means that Ford will be knocking on 70 years old. The source went on to say “it’s obviously not going to get any easier the older he gets. He certainly would never have imagined playing Indiana Jones when he was nearing 70!”

OK people, this is from The Insider, a TV show that’s probably one step above US Weekly.I don’t know how creditable their sources are, but in this case I wouldn’t be surprised if this were true. Say what you want, but you can’t deny that Ford looked surprisingly good in the last film.  His age does factor in, but how old was Sean Connery when he did The League of Extraordinary Gentleman? If they are going to go through with this, they better do it soon because he isn’t getting any younger…..seriously.

What do you think about an almost 70 year old Harrison Ford returning for a fifth Indiana Jones?