Actor Benicio Del Toro must have taken more than a paycheck away from his portrayal of Latin activist Che Guevara. He’s taking the motivational spirit from his role in Che (above), and has applied it to his life (without all the violence). According to the Associated Press the actor recently cut his vacation short to visit the Bayamon Regional Prison in Puerto Rico. The actor went to offer encouragement to inmates who are participating in the facilities jailhouse theater group.

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The inmates performed for del Toro, and in turn he gave them advice on rehabilitation and most importantly acting.

“I believe everyone needs a second chance,” del Toro told about 30 inmates who take part in the theater group. “I am here to help reaffirm that as long as there is life, you can still help society in some way, you can improve yourself.”

He went on to emphasize that reading really is fundamental for the development of any actor. Even though del Toro was surrounded by individuals serving hard time for serious crimes, they were optimistic about turning their lives around. Carlos Baez Figueroa, who’s serving a sentence for murder stated, “It’s a great thing to be able to share with an artist who is famous, who has been making movies in Hollywood.”

I think it’s awesome that del Toro stopped by to watch the performance of these aspiring actors, regardless of their platform’s location. I think if there’s any business that ex-cons or people with multiple arrests can become successful in spite of their background, it’s the entertainment industry.

What do you think of del Toro’s trip to Puerto Rico? Do you think these types of visits make a serious impact on the inmates?