I just saw this and thought, this is some weird shit, you guys like weird shit, right? Bloody Disgusting has just posted the red band trailer for the sick and twisted indie horror film Deadgirl. Alex Billington of FirstShowing described the film perfectly in two words, “Fucked up.” Eloquent, no. Accurate, yes.

Before I give away anything else, check out the full trailer below. Beware this is definitely NSFW…

Deadgirl is about two (fucked up) high school kids who find a mostly dead girl in the basement of an abandon insane asylum and after realizing that she can’t be killed and can’t get away, decide to do what any rational teenage boy would do, turn her into their sex slave.

There was a bit more to that review, Billington also said that “remarkably it’s a great cult horror film that boasts good performances and an off-the-wall story… it was actually quite refreshing.”

Does this look like something that you would like to see? Or is it too twisted?