It’s that time of year again, we have a new chick flick coming out soon: Robert Luketic’s The Ugly Truth starring the queen of these movies Katherine Heigl herself. The red band trailer (more like 3 clips strung together) for the film hit the Internet today and even after looking at it, I’m not sure if they’re going for dirty comedy or sexy-chick flick, because it seems to be stuck in the middle somewhere.

The Ugly Truth which is about a  romantically challenged morning show producer, (Heigl) who starts taking advice from her chauvinistic correspondent (Gerald Butler), (doesn’t this remind you of Hitch a little bit?) in order to find a man. If this trailer is any indication, the movie will try to be more R-rated then people would expect (hey, sex sells). With lines like, “Boobies in this bra say put me in your mouth and taste me,” and “Men like something to grab onto other than your ass,” this movie can easily go wrong while trying to play borderline raunchy/funny.

Watch the trailer and tell us what you think…

Do you think it was funny or fell flat? Are you going to go see the movie?