British actor Bill Nighy has been cast in Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows. The man who once complained he was the only Brit actor NOT to be cast in the Potter series, but now he finally gets his shot! Nighy, known for his work in Love Actually, Underworld, Hot Fuzz, and even the Pirates of the Caribbean series, wouldn’t give out details on his new gig.

“I don’t think I’m allowed to say it but I’m going to be in the next Harry Potter film,” he tells us. “I won’t say which character, but he’s a goodie. I just got the gig.”

Luckily, someone found out some more info…

According to The Leaky Cauldron, Nighy will be playing Rufus Scrimgeour, the Minister of Magic. Before being selected as minister, Scrimgeour headed the Auror Office of the Ministry and he is heavily battle-scarred from his years of service as an Auror, giving him an appearance of shrewd toughness.

With the release of the next installment, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince only a few weeks away, we should be getting more and more news for The Deathly Hallows not long after!

What do you think of Nighy being cast in the Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows film?