acoupleofdickskj09-06-30There are a few cast additions to Kevin Smith‘s new movie, A Couple of Dicks. One of the cast additions would excite a Kevin Smith fan; Jason Lee set to appear in the movie! Although Lee won’t appear as a lead role in the movie, he will grace us with his presence for a little while. Michelle Trachtenberg and Jim Norton have also signed onto the movie. A Couple of Dicks stars Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan as two cops on the hunt for a mint-condition baseball card and all the adventures along the way. Trachtenberg is to play the daughter of Bruce Willis, and Jason Lee plays the stepfather of Trachtenberg. The movie also starts Sean William Scott, Kevin Pollack, and Adam Bordy.

This is the first film that Kevin Smith is directing, in which he did not write it. I am anxious to see how he works with other writer’s material. I must say that I love Jason Lee, and I wish that he had a more prominent role; he would be amazing. I am definitely curious to see how the movie turns out, but I am a little worried about on thing: Tracy Morgan. I have really mixed feelings about him. Sometimes he can be funny, but when he isn’t I just want to walk away as fast as I can. I like Bruce Willis as a cop; seriously, he has that role nailed. I haven’t seen Michelle Trachtenberg in anything since Harriet the Spy, so I can’t really judge her.

What do you think of the cast additions?

Source: Cinematical and Slashfilm