In the future, you will control the lives of inmates that have been condemned to spend the rest of their lives behind bars by means of video games, according to the upcoming film Gamer starring Gerard Butler and Michael C. Hall. Today we bring you the international trailer which introduces audiences to the basics of this thriller where video gamers will run the lives of humans on death row.

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Originally the film was titled Game, but it was later changed to Gamer which makes a lot more sense because the film is about video gamers taking control of the fate of prisoners. The cast includes Alison Lohman, Milo Ventimiglia, John Leguizamo, Zoe Bell, Keith David, Terry Crews and Kyra Sedgwick, with Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor at the helm. The same directors that brought you the Crank franchise.

I was so excited about this film; seeing Butler come back into the world of action after he made a leap into the rom-com world with films like P.S. I Love You and the upcoming film The Ugly Truth, excited me. But this excitement quickly became scary when I remembered that the directors of the film Neveldine and Taylor were also the co-directors of Crank, one of the most unrealistic and hard to watch films out there. Although this looks like it could be a pretty unique thriller, I’m nervous.

Will this be all an all-action flick with no reason? Or have the two directors matured enough to make a decent thriller? I hope so because Butler’s talent should not go to waste.