The latest film by Richard Curtis (Love, Actually), The Boat That Rocked, has been picked up by Focus Features for distribution in the United States. The movie is about the colorful DJs of a pirate radio station, that plays nothing but rock music, operating on a tanker off the coast of the U.K. The movie has a really solid cast, staring Nick FrostPhilip Seymour HoffmanBill NighyKenneth Branagh, and Rhys Ifans. 

The movie seems like it would be a slam dunk, but the reviews over in the U.K. have been less than stellar. Apparently, the biggest problem is the length of the film. In effort to salvage the movie before the U.S release date, Focus has decided to edit the 129 minute movie to make it shorter. The Boat That Rocked was originally supposed to hit U.S. theaters on August 28, but it has been pushed back to November. Focus president James Schamus stated, “It will be a shorter, leaner version…We think it is a real crowd-pleaser. We love a challenge, and we love working with Working Title.”The story and cast of this film sounds absolutely amazing, but it seems like that might not be the case. The editing and the later release date are not encouraging. I really hope Focus can work some magic and better the movie. With this cast and director, I refuse to believe that they can’t make an entertaining movie.

What do you think?

Source: /Film