brunomichaeljacksonkj09-06-26What do Michael Jackson and the movie, Brüno, have in common? Well, Brüno premiered in LA on the same day the legendary pop star passed away, and there happened to be a few Jackson-related jokes in the film. In response to Jackson’s untimely death, the executives at Universal quickly decided to delete the scene from the premiere out of respect to the family. The director of Brüno, Larry Charles, stated last night, “We decided to take it out for tonight and we’ll reassess before the release whether to keep it out.”

The deleted scene, involving Michael Jackson, stems from an “interview” conducted with sister, LaToya Jackson. The scene apparently involves Brüno asking about Jackson’s notorious white glove and voice. Brüno then searches through LaToya’s phone for Michael Jackson’s phone number. LaToya then furiously storms out of the room.

I am willing to bet the scene will not be in the U.S. theatrical version. The movie will be released in a few weeks, and the timing is just too close to Jackson’s tragic death. Jackson is an iconic figure and people are absolutely stunned by his death, and it would be really insensitive, to those who were close to him, to include the scene. The deleted scene will probably end up on the DVD version.

Brüno will be released in theaters on July 10.

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Source: SlashFilm