frankdarabontkj09-06-26Frank Darabont seems absolutely determined to film a remake of Ray Bradbury’s, Fahrenheit 451, and he is now focusing all of his energy on it. He has wanted to make this film for quite a while, but now he is speeding up the process a little bit because he would like the aging author, Ray Bradbury, to be alive to see the film. However, the big hang up on production is finding the perfect cast. For Darabont, the casting of the film is the make or break point. He recently said about making the film,

Fahrenheit is the thing I’m trying to get up next, which is casting-dependent, so it’s one of those… I’m out to somebody at the moment, fingers crossed, because, boy, do I want to make that movie. I’m not giving up. I’ll die in the traces [ed: trenches?] before I don’t make that movie.”

Darabont later discussed why the casing is so important,

“Yeah, it’s not one of those movies that are vastly expensive by any contemporary standard, but money is still money, and it’s of a price that requires somebody that will justify that investment. This is definitely going to be more than [The Mist], so those other considerations do come into play.”

I would have to agree with Darabont; this film really needs to have a great cast, otherwise, the film could seem a tad hoakey. I do wonder who Darabont is eyeing for the various roles. Darabont is a talented director, and if this film really does happen, I am curious to see how it turns out.

Would you like to see a remake of Fahrenheit 451? Who would you cast in the film?

Source: SlashFilm