The first official trailer for Mira Nair‘s (Moonsoon Wedding, The Namesake) new film, Amelia has been released by Fox Searchlight. The film is a biopic about the aviator, Amelia Earhart, starring Hilary Swank in the leading role. The film stars Richard Gere, Ewan McGregor, Virginia Madsen, Joe Anderson, Christopher Eccleston, and Mia Wasikowska.

Judging by the trailer, the film looks promising. The film looks like it is shot beautifully and Mira Nair is a talented director. I happen to be a fan of Moonsoon Wedding. However, I am a little on the fence about it. Of all female actresses, Hilary Swank is most fitting to star as Amelia Earhart, but the trailer looks a bit overly sappy. I am a little weary by the fact that it stars Richard Gere; any film that has Richard Gere and a semi-romantic, sub-plot seems to get so sappy. This movie might have an issue with Richard Gere, but I could be totally wrong.

Check out the trailer…