Ryan Reynold‘s is so hot right now, the only thing to do with him is bury him, in director Rodrigo Cortes’ (The Contestant) upcoming film, titled Buried, about a journalist in Iraq who literally gets (you guessed it) buried alive. The film is set to shoot entirely in Spain (once you’re under the ground does it really make a difference where you’re shooting), which is home to Cortes.

Check out what the film is about according to Variety below…

Reynolds will star in Buried, playing a civilian contractor who’s kidnapped in Iraq and awakens buried in a coffin in the desert, armed only with a cell phone, a candle and a knife.

My question is, how much of this film is him buried under ground? And does he get out!? I’m already intrigued. Apparently the actor is taking the indie, dramatic, war-film route after Wolverine and The Proposal, to show us that he can still act (although I thought he was the saving grace in both those films, proving his ability).

He decided to go the indie route as a way to stretch his acting chops in a movie with a claustrophobic premise, and one in which he holds the screen through most of the picture.

Got my attention! I can’t wait to see him trapped in a box, freaking out! If anything, it will be nice to see him vulnerable instead of always being the guy whose wits and/or muscles are impenetrable.

What do you think of the decision?