***Update: Jeff Goldblum Confirms His Own Death on the Colbert Report***

Jeff Goldblum is not dead.

Rumors hit the ‘net Thursday afternoon that New Zealand Police were reporting that actor Jeff Goldblum had fallen to his death on the set of a new movie. Thankfully, the report turned out to be an Internet hoax.

Police National Head Quarters in New Zealand told 3 News they knew nothing about the claims and have not had any reports of such an incident in Northland. They say similar rumors were circulating six to eight weeks ago and believe it’s false information.

The New Zealand Film Commission also told 3 News that they are unaware of Jeff Goldblum currently filming anything in the country. He’s not.

On a day when both Farrah Fawcett died and Michael Jackson died, one might say it was the perfect opportunity for a scam artist to re-hash an old hoax about an actor falling to their death. It’s been reported that every few years a rumor gets started on the Internet about a celebrity dying in New Zealand. First it was Tom Hanks in 2006, then Tom Cruise in 2008.

There were also reports yesterday on the web of Harrison Ford’s death; but like with Goldblum, the stories were automatically generated with a fake scenario via a prank website. Users simply plug in any name – which in this case were Goldblum and Ford.

Since yesterday’s rumor spread through the ‘net like wildfire, Goldblum’s publicist has been busy denying all the death rumors. It’s why their paid the big bucks.

“Reports that Jeff Goldblum has passed away are completely untrue,” said the actor’s publicist in a statement Thursday night. “He is fine and in Los Angeles.”

But once the rumor hit the web, it was all hands on deck to report yet another tragedy in the world of entertainment. Thankfully, the Goldblum rumor was quickly called out as a hoax.


Apparently there’s some spoof site that allows you to generate a story about anyone’s death. As @copyblogger writes:

‘Don’t be suckered people… Jeff Goldblum is not dead. The site is an autogenerated spoof that’s been around for years.’

Even actor Kevin Spacey had to jump on his Twitter account to dispel the bad rumor.

Jeff Goldblum is alive and well. I just spoke to his manager. Stop these stupid rumors.

Goldblum, a tall and quirky actor, is known for films like The Fly, Jurassic Park, The Tall Guy and The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. He is currently starring in the TV series Law & Order: Criminal Intent.