Although Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is a major success at the box office, not everyone who is seeing the film is happy about it. There has been a argument growing that Director Michael Bay‘s portrayal of the two jive-talking Chevy twin robots are racial caricatures and offensive.

Skids and Mudflap are two twin robots disguised as compact hatchbacks who are constantly fighting and who use “rap-inspired street slang” according to THR. One has a gold tooth and when pressed by Shia LaBeouf, they both tell him that they don’t know how to read.

Some viewers are calling the twins “outrageous” and “degrading” while others are saying “They were hilarious.”

When asked about the robots Bay said, “It’s done in fun. I don’t know if it’s stereotypes — they are robots, by the way.”

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Was Bay's portrayal of Skids and Mudflap racist?

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