john grisham

After a long term hiatus of saying no to the film industry, John Grisham has agreed to turn his bestselling novel The Testament into a film like his other books; The Associate, A Time To Kill and The Rainmaker. According to Variety, Producers Mark Johnson and Hunt Lowry are teaming up with 821 Entertainment Group to option the book, with 821′s own Eric Geadelmann and Ben Horton acting as executive producers.

Unlike the past, the studios have agreed to allow Grisham will have the right to creative input — one of the reasons he agreed to come back to Hollywood.

The novel is about a billionaire that “defies his greedy relative and leaves his $11 billion fortune to a mysterious illegitimate daughter doing charity work in the Brazilian wetlands.” Later a lawyer steps in to help defend the daughter from the rest of the billionaire’s family and help her keep her inheritance.

Although during the past three years Grisham was reluctant to adapt any of his book into films, he was still hesitant to turn go on with the Testament deal, but Johnson told Variety, “I’ve been calling [Grisham and his agent] since I read it the first time and felt it had the best of the courthouse stuff that John writes so well, plus this exotic adventure in deepest Brazil,” and it was Johnson’s assertiveness along with the companionship of Grisham’s old friend Lowry that drove the author to finally agree.

No one has been chosen to direct or star in the film, but a remake has been confirmed to star Shia Labeouf and set to be released in 2012.

Who would you like to see direct The Testament?