Bruno is in Hollywood at this very moment! The Australian gay star made his grand-red carpet entrance at the Chinese Theater this evening at 7:09 p.m, in an army vehicle decorate with a lot of glitter and lights. Bruno was sitting on top of howitzer as if he were riding on a horse, wearing very little clothes; a green sleeveless, soldier shirt with badges and chains and tiny green shorts. Bruno was surrounded by plenty of sexy women also in skimpy shorts, and armored with rifles, while Bruno also picked up an arm of his own; a bazooka covered in gold. While he was still a top of the mock-like military vehicle, Bruno waved and blew kisses at his fans who were eagerly waiting since before 6:45.

Find out more and watch the video below…

When it was finally time for Bruno to speak, he yelled, “What’s Up LA, what’s up Los Angeles! This is the most powerful documentary since The Lion King!” Bruno also went on to explain that many were saying his film was harming the gay community, but he denied the claim and said, “This movie is not bad; that Milk film was harmful.” Also stating that the Sean Penn, the films lead star, “isn’t even gay, but I hear he’s curious.” And then continued to dance. What asked what was the message of his movie, Bruno replied, “Fashion is the most important thing ever, science hasn’t done anything.”

Questions about little OJ were also made, and Bruno replied, “OJ was a naughty boy, so if he’s not going to behave like a grown up, then he won’t be treated like one. The good thing is that he’s black, everything goes with him.”

Cohen’s wife, Isla Fisher made an appearance (not next to her husband), as well as The Hangover‘s star Ed Helms, and one of Bruno’s producers Jonah Hill made an appearance on the red carpet. Jonah Hill said, “[Bruno] criticized me in every way possible; he’s a monster with a heart of gold.”

Don’t forget Bruno will be in theaters July 10 and you won’t want to miss a second of this crazy and dangerous ride.