The long developing action thriller Sleeper, which will be produced by Sam Raimi and star Tom Cruise has shown some movement. It may not sound like a lot but this film has been slowly but surely making it’s way towards the big screen. Sleeper is an adaptation of the comic book series of the same name, written by Ed Brubaker that ran from 2003 – 2005. According to MTV, a screenwriter has recently been hired to pen the film’s script, and the live action feature is still a go.

If you want action and conspiracy you’ve come to the right place. Sleeper is about an undercover secret agent named Holden Carver (Cruise), who finds himself deep inside a crime organization with no way out. Even though he’s surrounded by thugs and criminals he’s one of the good guys, but the only person who knows his true identity slips into a coma! According to Brubaker, the film has finally snagged a screenwriter, but unfortunately he can’t seem to remember the guy’s name.

I talked to one of the producers a couple of weeks ago, and they have a new screenwriter that they hired,” Brubaker told MTV News. “I don’t think they could all get on the same page.” “You know Hollywood, though,” added Brubaker, who couldn’t recall the new screenwriter’s name. “They usually go through a million screenwriters on one project.”

That’s horrible. Poor, random screenwriter man! This movie is probably his big break and the original author doesn’t even remember his name? That burns, that burns bad. Even though he’s never met the new writer he’s fairly certain the film’s “in the outlining stage.” Could he be more vague? This doesn’t sound like it’s being handled correctly. He even admits that Sleeper was one of his lowest selling books, so I don’t know how much of a priority Raimi and Cruise are really putting giving this. Remember they both have fourth installments of franchises to think about (Spiderman 4, Mission Impossible 4).

Do you think Sleeper will ever get made? Should it be adapted to film?