Hello ScreenCrave Readers! We’ve got the winners for our Hangover T-Shirt Giveaway. In honor of The Hangover‘s great success, we asked you to tell us your craziest drunk story, and you had some crazy stories all right. Did yours win you a T-Shirt with child?

Find out if you are one of the 5 winners below . . .


  • WINNER: steven epstein – “I picked up this cutie in the place and woke up the next morning in her house. When I woke up I had a gun pointed at my head. Her husband came home.”
  • WINNER: Ryan Chapman – “Let’s just say that after six triple-shots of tequila (and a little water), I threw up all over my step-mother. The kicker was that when we woke up the next morning, my step-mother was lying on the ground with no pants or underwear on.”
  • WINNER: OatmealCookies – “According to my friend, I was convinced I was some comic book hero and randomly yelled out things like “Shazam!” or “In blackest night,no evil shall escape my sight” or “By the Power of Greyskull!”
  • WINNER: Claire – “I have no idea what I was drinking, some kind of beer spiked with crazy, but before I knew it my best friend Caitlin and I had broken off from the main group who had made a home for themselves under what drunken eyes would call a jungle-gym, sober eyes would call a lattice for plants.”
  • WINNER: Joel Berntsen – “The craziest drunk story started off with me awakening at 10 AM, naked, in my parent’s bathtub. I proceeded to vomit on my lower stomach and penis.”

Thanks for the crazy stories to all of you. These winners will receive a free Hangover T-Shirt with baby. An e-mail will be sent shortly, so please send us your address details. Again, congratulations to all of our winners and be sure to keep checking, we are always giving away cool stuff.