Who wouldn’t love to own a piece of genuine movie memorabilia from their favorite film? There are so many things I wish I could get my hands on, but they’re either too expensive or tucked away in the Smithsonian somewhere. I’ve heard of a lot of crazy things going up for auction, but according to Cinematical a prime piece of real estate is up for grabs. The famous Ennis House, which was featured in the Ridley Scott sci-fi classic Blade Runner, is for sale.

The Ennis House is located in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles, California and was built back in 1924. It was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for the couple, Charles and Mabel Ennis. Not only has the house made an appearance in Blade Runner, but countless other Hollywood films including House on Haunted Hill, The Replacement Killers, The Thirteenth Floor, and even Rush Hour. It’s been officially tagged as a historical landmark in the community, but that hasn’t saved it from the effects of time and nature. The house has been under the protection of a private trust, but the price of it’s maintenance has become too much to bear. According to the trust’s president, “We’ve made a lot of progress, but a private owner with the right vision and sufficient resources can better preserve the house than we can.”

The recession is no joke. Even inanimate objects aren’t safe! The majority of the home’s damages stem from various earthquakes that have struck Southern California. I know that many people can barely afford a home for their families to live in, let alone one to have as a souvenir.

If you had the money would you buy the Ennis House? Do you think it’s too big of a purchase?