Hollywood is definitely the land of never say never. So many people let out a sigh of relief when word spread that actor Shia Labeouf was no longer interested in starring in DJ Caruso‘s live action adaptation of Y: The Last Man. He stated that the series’ lead character Yorick was too similar to Sam Witwicky from Transformers. He cited his desire to do something different as his reason for backing away from the project. That was then, and this is now. Someone must have spiked his cereal, because now he’s saying that there’s still a possibility that he’ll star in the film after all.

According to an interview that Labeouf gave over at Collider, he could “absolutely” see himself headlining the project a few years down the line.

Shia: …..Vaughn and Ellsworth and DJ are writing the script now.  The script is not ready to be shot.  DJ is making a different movie right now.  He’s making “Jack and the Beanstalk”.  There’s just other things going on with DJ and I wouldn’t want to make the movie with anybody else because he loves it like I do.  But I don’t think Vaughn is trying to give it to anybody else. I think that it is something that’s very realistic, it’s just not in the pipe for the next year.

It appears that they’re set on him doing the film regardless of his or our personal feelings about it. I’m not the least bit surprised that he did a complete 180 so quickly. That’s his publicist at work.  I can understand him not wanting to be a one trick pony, but he might as well take these types of risks while he’s young. It’s easier to forgive a 23 year old for their career mistakes, than a 53 year old who should know better.

How do you feel about Shia changing his tune? Do you want him to star in Y: The Last Man?